Real Estate

As a law firm which specializes in real estate, contracts and real estate transactions of various types, we at Tal Kenneth Law Firm offer you a wide variety of legal services, tailored to all types of real estate transactions possible. We have extensive experience in the field in which we have been operating for over 26 years. Our legal services in the field of real estate – both residential and commercial – dominate over all aspects of the deal and are intended for both landowners and/or owners of assets who are interested in responsible and professional representation in front of developers and contractors in various construction transactions and/or sales transactions – and likewise, our services are also intended for developers and contractors dealing with residential and/or commercial real estate, including investment real estate and the implementation of construction projects without discriminating between large or small scale projects.
Throughout all of our years of our legal activity in the field of both residential and commercial real estate – and after accompanying tens of successful projects (most of which you may view in our “projects gallery”), we at Tal Kenneth Law Firm, have gained the knowledge and experience necessary for preparing and carrying out real estate transactions, and among others, you will find that we offer legal and professional services in the field of land and real estate such as:
Performing extensive research regarding a plot and/or asset intended for purchase/construction/rent
Accompanying transactions including combination agreements and/or building transactions and/or sales for landowners as well as for developers and contractors
Carrying out bank accompaniment for transactions
Formulation and preparation of sales/purchase contracts
Registration of condominiums
Formulation and preparation of rental contracts
Provision of guidance and legal support in all that concerns obtaining ways of financing and obtaining a loan secured by a mortgage
Representation in front of all the relevant authorities for carrying out the transaction (including tax authorities, the planning committees, the Israel Lands Administration, etc.)
Legal guidance for all that concerns implementation of “evacuate and construct”, “Pinui-Binui” procedures and urban renewal procedures – “Tama 38”
A wide range of additional legal services in the field of realty
Likewise, we also specialize in the provision of legal representation concerning all matters above-mentioned, in courts in all assemblies, and arbitration tribunals as well as the planning and building committees and appeals committees.

Dissolution of Common Ownership in Land
During over 26 years of intensive activity, we at Tal Kenneth Law Firm have gained valuable experience and expertise in managing partnership dissolution proceedings. The firm has guided tens of claims for dissolving joint ownerships in land and in many of these procedures were built projects for construction in partnership dissolution (you may view some of them in the “projects gallery”).
Tama 38 (Urban Renewal)
We at Tal Kenneth Law Firm, also offer you a wide range of legal services in the field of Tama 38. These services are available for anyone dealing with one of the related fields, including – developers, contracting companies, private clients, and asset owners.
We have extensive experience in this field. The firm has represented landowners and developers in successful Tama 38 transactions, and we would be happy to extend to you our expertise.
Evacuate and Construct (“Pinui-Binui” Urban Renewal)
We at Tal Kenneth Law Firm, offer you a wide range of legal services in the field of “Pinui Binui” and urban renewal. These services cover all of the legal aspects that accompany a transaction and its implementation, and are available also for tenants, landowners, receivers, developers, and contractors. We also hold valuable experience in these matters and we will be happy to offer you our expertise.
We offer you the first consultation meeting free of charge (aside for exceptional situations due to the nature of the consultation requested. The client shall be notified ahead of time).