Contracts, Partnerships and Companies

As a Law firm specialized in the field of commercial law – we are also engaged in legal processes concerning contracts, partnerships, and companies. As a result, we of course engage and specialize in contract law relating to companies and partnerships – and a variety of related business agreements.
We at Tal Kenneth Law Firm, offer you a wide spectrum of legal services intended for businesses. These services are available to any business, of any size, business field and legal entity, and are meant to protect the entirety of your legal rights in relation to the business activity in which you engage.

Throughout over 26 years of activity, the firm has accompanied a multitude of transactions, including transactions in the local market as well as with bodies abroad. These transactions include: purchasing companies, businesses, and partnerships in a range of commercial subjects – and when necessary took part in the related litigations in all courts and arbitrations.
We offer you the first consultation meeting free of charge (aside for exceptional situations due to the nature of the consultation requested. The client shall be notified ahead of time).