Legal Representations

As a Law firm specialized in a wide spectrum of areas of commercial civil law, we at Tal Kenneth Law Firm, offer representation services to each and every one of our clients for all the necessities of managing the legal proceeding in all of the courts, tribunals and committees of various appeals and arbitrations. Our representation services are provided for a wide array of legal fields and are concentrated on several legal branches in which we specialize within the commercial civil law, including real estate law, contracts, corporations and companies, inheritance, estates, and family law.
The legal representation which we offer our clients for the necessities of managing the legal proceeding in the courts and/or tribunals and/or arbitrations, are intended both for the initiators of the legal process (prosecutors) as well as the prosecuted, and is specifically tailored for the type of legal court through which we manage the process and the manner of the judicial authority, or the type of judgement in which the trial/hearing is conducted.
The extensive and diverse professional experience available to us regarding client representation in these legal procedures allows you too, to enjoy the service of an experienced and professional team of advocates, specialized in performances before judicial bodies, or tribunals, beginning from the stage of opening an argument and up to the stage of investigating witnesses and summaries, and receiving the ruling, and where necessary – representation in appeal procedures.

Our professional team is subject to Adv. Tal Kenneth, founder of the firm, who is personally involved in providing advice and guidance and often makes a personal appearance in various cases. Adv. Tal Kenneth has extensive experience including thousands of hours in all courts, tribunals, and arbitrations, with over 26 years in the field.
We offer you the first consultation meeting free of charge (aside for exceptional situations due to the nature of the consultation requested. The client shall be notified ahead of time).