About Us

The firm was founded by Adv. Tal Kenneth in 1994, after practicing diverse commercial civil law in” Shibolet & Co. Law Firm”, after which he gained experience in the law firm “Tik Elishav” where he primarily engaged in real estate.

Adv. Tal Kenneth founded the firm to realize his vision of establishing a boutique firm which specializes in commercial civil law, engaging primarily in the field of real estate and representation of landowners, developers as well as public and private companies in the execution of projects for construction. The firm’s specialization also includes management of legal proceedings for the dissolution of partnerships in lands of joint ownership (not suspended) to allow for the proceeding of construction of these projects.

Likewise, the firm engages in the execution of transactions and contractual engagements in Israel and abroad in a range of commercial fields, and within this framework, the firm also engages, among other things, in corporate and company law in related subjects.

For every activity which has been described, the firm offers supportive service, including litigation services in courts and tribunals in all types of courts and arbitrations. The founder of the firm Adv. Tal Kenneth holds over 22 years of experience and he makes a personal appearance in many of the cases at all types of courts.

Throughout many long years of experience and handling of a variety of cases, the firm has specialized and obtained much experience in accompanying and executing the aforementioned transactions and especially in complex, large, medium and small real estate transactions, gaining a valuable reputation in the field. The firm may be credited with a provision of intensive and diverse work in a range of complex real estate transactions for residence and commerce, and also with the management of many contractor projects, representation of land and property owners before developers and contractors, as well as representation of developers and contractors – starting from the first steps of the transaction, and until its end, including guidance throughout the construction and management of the bank accompaniment, the sale of apartments/commercial areas and other properties to buyers and registration in the Land Bureau and / or the Israel Land Administration (for your review, in the “gallery”, beneath “projects” are detailed the many projects in which the firm was involved in and projects in registration proceedings or in the planning stage).

The firm is in close connections with the real estate divisions in the commercial banks in the framework of implementing bank accompaniments for projects and is esteemed with much respect and trust.

The firm also specializes in representation of landowners abroad which own land or real estate properties in Israel, and was involved in a multitude of transactions with foreign residents, offering them consultation and legal service and well-versed in the work in English.

Due to the amount of transactions executed by the firm with landowners from New York who owned land in Israel and due to the demand of a number of clients to implement investments and projects for construction in New York, the firm began to allocate investment opportunities and projects for construction in New York with the cooperation of a local law firm and local professionals, including brokers and bankers. This subject is lately being developed in the firm with profound and intensive consideration.

The firm is composed of a team of experienced lawyers, experts in the firms’ fields of service, closely guided by the founder of the firm, Adv. Tal Kenneth, offering the client professional, dedicated, and reliable service.